Monday, March 24, 2008


What is Really On Mars???
But I think a more important question comes to mind,.... WHO... ???


There are Mysteries to Uncover! There are secrets to dis-cover!

There do seem to be kept in the back theories about what & who is on Mars. As well as UNDERNEATH the surface of Mars! That implicate & indicate an intelligent life form being added to these mysteries & secrets!

It is being worked on to prevent us all from seeing or discovering, let alone DIS-COVERING the secrets they keep about THE REAL MARS & what we are taught it to be, NOW,... AS WE NOW KNOW IT! With that understanding being the public reality.

Yet, there are secrets being kept hidden from us all.

But someone indeed, wants us to see & KNOW this truth! That some do NOT want us to ever know or find out!

Thanks to some MeanGreen of a guy, who sent me this article written by Don Ecker.
In this piece there is really interesting things being said. I feel that connect to where the secrets of Mars are concerned.

Good Advice, & information. Yet there are mysteries to explore & secrets to yet DIS-COVER!

MARS & THE CODE OF CYDONIA (UFO DIARIES 3) is apart of us getting need to know information!

Can it help determine the what & the WHO???.. IS REALLY ON MARS questions?

Can we know the truth?



In continuing to see consistencies in these SECRET POSSIBILITIES, & strange things seen & shown in regards to The Phobos 2 Object, I have found 2 images taken by Viking Orbiter that shows something compelling.

They are in both images what appears to be a long line OBJECT. It seems to be moving due to the seperate images. Or it could be the Viking orbiter that we know was moving that could have made this OBJECT appear as if it was/is moving.

But one thing is certain, this is NO IMAGE ARTIFACT or a THING made by the camera lens! This whatever it is, is an object that appears to be in space, that was imaged by The Viking Orbiter B!

This is very compelling to what the soviets said was seen & shown what they seen by Phobos 2 before it's loss.

If anything It is definitely worthy to consider & place up to add to this BOG Piece!




MeanGreen said...

MarsRevealer - I like that pic! Cool!

From the link: The clipping at the bottom is interesting, check this part:
"Phobos II had several American and European science packages on board, along with a very powerful Soviet laser."

"very powerful Soviet laser" - WTF!

Remember back to the "Apollo-Soyuz Joint Mission": I saw this on TV live back in the day, and I thought this was the start of big things to come.
Apollo 18 and Soyuz 19 Launched: July 15, 1975
Meeting in Space: July 17, 1975

That was before the Viking Missions arrived at Mars. I see connections to this Don Ecker link. There could have been many missions between 1977 thru 1987 that the public is not aware of.

Biological_Unit said...

You are the Most Confused Person I know

I'm jus sayin

Biological_Unit said...

If anything It is definitely worthy to consider & place up to add to this BOG Piece!


This is a BLOG, not a BOG !!

I see a white line. This proves nothing, Mr. Martian Ambassador.

Biological_Unit said...

How Very Exciting !

A Line !

I've always waited for First Contact with a, uhh, line.

I feel so privileged to be alive during these exciting times !!

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