Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thanks to a heads up to this video being found FINALLY on You Tube, the old show 'IN SEARCH OF' hosted by Leonard Nimoy, has been found with an episode on Mars!
If anything, I think the show is a hint & a clue as to the COVERING UP, OF WHAT IS REALLY ON MARS! Especially at the timing of talking about the Life experiemnts being quickly talked about & also summed up with a negative outlook to those experiments.
Then it goes into talking about COVERING UP OF MARS INTELLIGENT LIFE.
In between the lines, or UNDER THE SURFACE of what I am seeing & hearing in this, I swear I see connections to the Code Of Cydonia!
We were being told there is a COVER JOB OF MARS SURFACE going on! Covering up what is really there!
On the surface of it all, you will most likely think I am looking too deeply into this. I AM YOU FOOLS!
To see it you must look between the lines! Get it? ;-)
That is where information is embedded. Consistent information. IF ONE READS AS DEEP AS I!
Yet I feel in some way, this may be yet another connection to the THING it is I am dealing with.
The code tells me MARS IS COVERED in the ways we now know. Meteor craters, gigantic mountains, & deserts that REACH AROUND The Entire Planet!
We are told in code!! Created by Some UNKNOWN RACE OF INTELLIGENT BEINGS!!!
So Now when I see this IN SEARCH OF episode, in this 3rd piece of the show, I see direct connections to what this code says to what I see is being said, ON THE SURFACE of that show, that connect!
The SCRIPTING is the key. That which connects. Instead of on the surface taking at face value at what is being speculated about, we can see the more behind the scenes photographs that come to mind when we hear what is said & REALLY IS BEING SAID to us. Thanks to the Connection of The Code Of Cydonia!
Because it starts out detailing how Viking would handle this. How it would be SIFTED! Ha ha ha. Indicating that a WAR may have took place on Mars? (I am talking behind the scenes now.)
As yet being the story seen on the surface claiming negative results for the tests, by Viking. Is only A COVER STORY!
Listen CAREFULLY to what we are shown & told!!! Behind the scenes, the lines, is where the TRUE IMAGE comes into play! At what we are being told!
Watch this video.

Now this is very connecting & ominous. Even at the end where Leonard Nimoy gives his final comments on the matter.

I feel that statement is addressed to Hoagland! I wonder why? :-/


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MeanGreen said...

MarsRevealer - Good points brought out about the video - thanks for the link!

It is funny when Dr. Lesley Orgul(not sure about the spelling) says "this time" it seems to have a hidden meaning.

Then right after that(kinda out of nowhere), Dr. Gilbert V. Levin(Viking life detection experimenter) postulates about a technological civilIzation on Mars and what mechanism could be used to cover up/cover over any sort of buildings/vast projects.

This episode came out before the Face in Cydonia had been popularized. Kinda makes you wonder if RCH had seen this and decided to rip off what Nimoy says at the end - RCH and his CCJ(Cydonia Cover Job) must end soon.