Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This is a reminder, that there are MORE FACES ON MARS than the so called mere chance of coincidence, trick of light & shadow that never dissapears! The famous Face at Cydonia! The famous Face Of Mars!
This is to reflect upon this issue being a case of fact presented forth at least 'PUBLICLY', having the bragging rights to claim I discovered new Faces of Mars!
By these very images used in something also, that is far more bizzare than these images alone, had come from. From a documentary that holds a code within that documentary.
This can be seen in:
But as hard & as a COLOSSAL TASK at that it in itself, to see what that starnge picture really shows, we are given EVIDENCE attributing connection to that underlying code story of that documentary. The documentary called:

Now let us see the EVIDENCE That there is more than one Face of Mars to REALLY see!

New Face 3:


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am wanting to place up for all to see & CONSIDER as a new additional STRUCTURE stone to the massive structure being built. This massive structure is being built is cognitive, yet nonetheless it is a structure. Being built from a CODE. A CODE which I DISCOVERED & UNCOVERED in UFO DIARIES 3 CYDONIA: THE EARTH MARS CONNECTION!
This CODE, as I am seeing it as being REAL & EXISTING within Under the SURFACE of that video I have been trying to piece out & lay out in THE FACE OF MARS BROTHERS: OMENS FROM THE PAST. A study I am doing into trying to solve & piece this puzzle together. Or the other way around rather. This is NO EASY TASK & CANNOT BE SUMMED UP OR BE MADE SIMPLE. As yet that I have seen anyway. Mainly because I am still trying to piece this puzzle together, & show what it says in this code. That being said, I have only gotten so far. I have had 2 previous attempts at showing what it says. But the 3rd go around yielded more information & in more clarity as what it is trying to show. A RIDDLE! In solving that Riddle, we are being led along a path of information. Unbelievable information. Yet information that demands us all to CONSIDER IT HIGHLY AS BEING SERIOUS!
Again, I have only gotten so far as of yet. I have learned better how to read between the lines in what it is trying to give us as it's hidden messages.I will continue to show that as time & ability permits. In the meantime I am also trying to put forth OTHER connections that directly attribute, connect, & continue yielding information & building this massive structure that is described as being a Bizzarre Puzzle! In all fairness, I am putting forth these additions even while & when I have NOT yet shown enough to show all how connecting & relevant these different pieces are.
I do this for you all to see, use, & TRY to solve yourselves, of this Bizzarre Puzzle.
So as I continue forth in My efforts, I am giving you all opportunity to also do the same, by laying forth my work & my opinion, as well as the puzzle pieces to be used. That will give us a bigger picture of the message meaning overall what this code entails & is trying to tell us all. Make sense? It should. It will more as I continue along.
However, until I do continue along & make more details seen & known clearer, you will see I am showing the pieces. Those that are following this &/or studying what I have done so far, may see & find these pieces eerily connecting & implicating.
ONCE you start to see the Lingo being used & start to understand what it conveys. As I try to show you in my laying out of this puzzle for you to walk on & follow. make no mistake about it!!! INFORMATION IS BEING GIVEN UNTO US ALL!
Information of which is shocking & more than being about one person being fingerpointed therein. A person who is well known & supposedly out for the truth, yet they tell us a differnt story of who this individual is & his PART PLAYED in the creation of this code structure.
The code structure underneath the surface is described as being a Pyramid. This has a name. CYDONIA! The surface cover encircling the underlying pyramid code structure also has a name. MARS! it also has graphical pictographic representations I will not get into now. This is seen & shown in The Face Of Mars Brothers study. In this same mindset & style, it is apparent it is a Complex. Being attributed even on the surface, as the GIZA COMPLEX. Now I like to say that this is a clue.
A clue behind the makers of this GIZA COMPLEX as it were. The builders of the Pyramid (the code structure) if you will. For is it also coincidence that the creator/s of this show/s is Grizzle Adams Productions? Which in itself gives us clues as to this Riddle's Facts all the more in it's symbolism. Here is their Logo:

Now also a coincidence???... I am sure, is that the movie StarGate may also hold a clue giving us all indication of an underlying group, or PROJECT that this code structure connects to? Being called the GIZA PROJECT. Using no less, the almost exact same symbolism seen in the logo above. But inside, or underneath a covering circle. Too uncanny to be mere coincidence. In my opinion. But I thought enough to add it.

Now I like to show you a new addition of yet another piece of the puzzle, yet again, also showing fingerpointing at an individual fitted into this complex program as being attributed as to show the person who the code story says & shows is not someone who is legit in the Mars research. His name is Richard Hoagland. That he knows more than what he is telling of what is REALLY on Mars & what he knows of the HISTORY of the Viking Mission & the international espionage that went on back then. As well as his part in that espionage. As ALLEGED IN THE CODE. Not to mention, his POSSESSION OF THESE OTHER FACES OF MARS SEEN IN THAT VIDEO of UFO DIARIES 3!!! Again, as allegedly told about him in that code.

So it is in UNDERSTANDING of what I was & am trying to put forth that this new puzzle piece is added to add weight as to evidence of being a structure, & as well as a code. because this indicates & even leads us all to that which we all see & will see, in my translation of that code. Can ANY OF YOU SOLVE THIS PUZZLE??? I am giving you the tools to TRY!

Can you see the Pie In His EYE?? Even in THIS new connection??? THE GIZA COMPLEX... THE GIZA PROJECT.... Symbolisms... Connections... to...