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I really do not know where to begin with this, or exactly know what to say. As I do not know who to really address this to. Accept to those that are supposedly wanting me to see & show this MESSAGE OF CYDONIA! I guess this would go to them.
As it stands now, I have been studying & working with this CODE THING, since October/November 2006. I feel like I have came a long way, yet also I feel I not made it very far in translating what I see this code says. I would also like to state that I am learning lots of things through this THING! Understandings & concepts of varied fields of research, scientific concepts, & processes, as well as learning about COMMUNICATION. As what it is trying to teach me about what this THING is... A COMMUNICATION! Multi leveled & Multi Purposed. I learn more as I continue on, with using the Human Mind as a major tool needed to be apart of this THING to learn to see & understand this all.
Now in doing so since I 1st began this journey into the Twilight Zone, It is obvious that part of this THING, is to finger point to us all some important information trying to be told. About Mars. The REAL MARS! What is shows as it's surface, as well as the Intelligent Life that this code wants us all to see SURVIVES THERE! Showing us New Faces of Mars images not seen by the public before until this Video, this surface features to the COVER, the circle,.. The Cover story, called Mars! Covering the CODE OF CYDONIA!
Now apart of all that, being finger pointed to & at is Richard Hoagland! Especially it tells & wants us to see he is in connection to these Disclosures about Mars & also it's secret images. Wether or not it is true, as he knows how I feel, I had reason to think & believe he knew more than what he was ABLE???,... To say or tell me about it. But I was NOT taking MY FRIENDS ADVICE! To drop this!! So he set me up. In more ways than one when I look back at various stuffs where he was involved with me. In regards to my work, The show, & also in regards to my investigation into these MYSTERIOUS PICTURES! That the code finger points to him, as being the someone or something that is working to prevent us from learning the whole truth about this all! That made me mad. Pissed off really! As he also knows!
HOWEVER... That being said, he also KNOWS how I feel about the obvious sense that he was fitted into this THING, & I was also, to be a means to have it out with him! Pitted against each other by design. Again, I am not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing, considering what he did to me & all. But he is privy to more things than I am regards to all this stuffs, & I am ignorant of much & nearly all of that! So I am taking it that someone wanted to HELP ME to see what has been done to me, & why! Because of this CODE OF CYDONIA'S MESSAGE!
As I said, I am learning more & what I am learning will be able to help me see that message more clearer as I learn this language better. This is not & has not been easy to do. By the actions taken against me by him, my life & my family are in extreme duress & stress right to this day because of that what went on back then! Him & I had a falling out over this THING because I chose NOT to simply take his advice & drop this CODE OF CYDONIA! Without reason why for me to do so. If this code is right about him, it seems he would have an edge over the ones who wanted me & us all to know more about him that he not wished to be known or connected to in regards to These MYSTERIOUS PICTURES, showing new Faces of Mars Images, & these bizzarre videos he played a part in & followed a SCRIPT for! It is obvious to me these peoples are out to get him for things done in the past. His past that pissed someone off bad enough to fit him in this THING! But then that being said,.. I look at Myself!
Did I do something to deserve what is happening to my life & my family?? Why am I fitted? Why did they choose me to pit against him? Because as I see it now, I am more the one being PUNISHED THEN HE IS!! I dared to have THE BALLS to still continue on this INVESTIGATION regardless what HE said or thinks. because things NOT added up & this demands INVESTIGATION! If naught but for these MYSTERIOUS PICTURES showing new Faces of Mars itself!!! But Hoagland is a Prime force behind this Code & it's finger pointing for us to seek information.
BUT HE AINT TELLING!!! If he does know something, which I am sure he does, he aint coming out with it! So what does that do for me & us all to get answers if all is dependant upon HIM to get these answers??? Or is this also to destroy my life, because of my ability or potential thereof to be a thorn in someones ass also??? Therefore I am fitted to be punished also?? Hey, I do not know what to think anymore. All I know is that I was done wrongly! I was set up & handled to try to prevent me from Investigating into this deeper! yet by what I see, there are more positives for me to consider that I am NOT the target of punishment, but one for being the most able to enlighten & dis-cover information & be able to present it? If that is so,... I must ask, in what is going on in my life to myself & my family, then why aint there ANY HELP COMING OUR WAY????
If I am someone that is supposed & wanted to see & reveal this, as MARS REVEALER, (puns intended & connected) then why is it I am seeing nothing & receiving nothing in terms of help??? Especially FINANCIAL!!!
In spite of my dark times going on, I spit at all who said to drop this, because it will only get worse. really? If that was the case, how come they not see into this THING at all for them to show?? Because how would they know it is this THING that is doing it to me, & NOT as the code says, That someone, or something, is the one doing the preventing me from doing anything with this that will matter my success or not in revealing it????
It seems null anyway to keep thinking about that shit!
So.... To keep this simple, I am NEEDING HELP!!! INFORMATION!! FINANCIAL!! ANY OTHER ASPECT THAT CAN HELP ENSURE MY SUCCESS at whatever it is I am supposed to do or be! because as I said, if Hoagland is the bad guy here, then why am I the one being Punished??? Or was my connection to Hoagland more a threat to someone or something, with me on his side?? That someone wanted to stop!
All I know is this, that I am making another stand now. This one I am demanding some form of communication! Some form of Help! Some form of Financial stability that will allow me to survive as I continue this work, or all can KISS MY ASS!!! If I am fitted to be someone needed to do something important as this code suggests, & I am THE MOST REACHABLE TO RECEIVE THIS MESSAGE, Then I need YOUR HELP FROM WHO ARE THE ONES THAT WANT ME TO SUCCEED!!
Unless, apart of this message of "AND IF IT IS, WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH EARTH,.. means that I am gonna be blown away?? AS ONE FACE... OF UNDERSTANDING? Then I suggest YOU come do it now!!! Because as JOHN CONNOR, as Hoagland called me, saying that is who I am, before we stopped talking, I am gonna rock your world if I get the chance & you are the enemy!!! Martians or not!
But If my enemy you are, those that wanted me to see & Reveal this THING, if I was a threat, I already am convinced, by what I am CONSIDERING by what I was shown & told in this code already, I should already be dead!! If I was the bad guy or the enemy! Why would my enemy want to provide me with INFORMATION?? WITH HELP ALSO IN FINGER POINTING??? WITH DESCRIBING WHAT HE DID TO ME???
One way or another, a clear set up is seen in this & many who are reading & have seen this & the outpouring to callin out Hoagland also see it as a set up! Fine! But that aint enough for them! Maybe also not enough for me. because as I said, it seems I am the one being punished, & he is the one gaining rewards, whrreas me & my family are about to be on the street, & all that is happening that is JUST NOT NATURAL FOR ALL SO MANY THINGS TO BE GOING WRONG!!
So if John Connor I am.. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PROTECTION?? Where & who is my friends??? Hoagland seems to think I have new friends!! That is steering me. What friends??? Ones through TIME in the past or the future???? What the fuck good does that do me here & NOW???? Especially if I fail to make it to the future???
I am failing with this CODE OF CYDONIA ALSO!! Time has definitely been crossed or seen through to create this THING inside the cover surface story of MARS!
Now maybe I am not meant to succeed at this? I am uncertain anymore of that. But one thing I am certain of NOW! IN THIS TIME!! I AM NOT DOING NOTHING ELSE TO THIS THING... UNTIL I GET INFORMATION AS HELP!! FINANCES AS HELP!!! OR ANY OTHER HELP THAT I NEED TO SECURE MY SUCCESS AT REVEALING THIS! As well as helping me take care of myself & my family!! If I am important at all in being the one to REVEAL THIS THINGS MESSAGE,... Then it is NOT wrong or bad for me to ask openly FOR MUCH NEEDED HELP!! Will it help if I ask PLEASE????
Ok... PLEASE HELP???????
I also wish to address this question of HELP to someone named:
Now in the early days of my uncovering what I found & the start of my investigation into this THING, a person named: SPEC7SRAMSL3CL5, came out of nowhere, in the Enterprise Mission Conference Center BBS to address me & others.
He said:
NOT unusual
Why should it be unusual to find MANY faces and artifacts on a planet/former moon, on which for untold generations an advanced civilization thrived ?Owing to the probability that part of the planet/moon was covered by water there should be regions where there are no constructs.Also owing to the probability that an entire side of the planet/moon was devastated by heavy bombardment, both by asteroids(parts of former mother planet) and by weaponry.In spite of the vast areas of destruction some intact artifacts have survived. However some have sustained MAJOR DAMAGE and all that is left is a small part of their former glory.On the face of it (Mars) are still many wonders yet to be discovered.(but hardly anyone discusses the treasures underground)>>>>>>><<<<<<<
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Now mind you all, this guy was NOT a member of the conference center & on the message post to where someone posts, it always says when someone registered. His said... NOT YET! Ha ha ha ha ha(The puns are funny) Because it aint just funny to NOT YET meaning he not registered there, but what I feel he meant by that being said there, MEANT NOT YET! REGISTERED THE IMPLICATION OF HIS BEING THERE!!!
Anyway,.. I replied to him saying:
Hi Spec. Welcome to the Good Ship Enterprise. :-)Now.. I am curious to hear the story of that strange name of yours. ;-)care to please tell? :-)Also, I agree with the underground scenario. I believe mars is still INHABITED, & underneath the cover of it all, like this Face Of Mars Brothers story,.. Lyes within the structure that tells the story. That is what the radar is for if we can actually get that data & see it.But my take is that we will have to wait to go there & Go through Laney's Doorway to Martian Madness through the corner of the D&M pyramid to enter that madness within. ;-)I am now trying to acquire & see the treasures above ground before I decide to tackle what's underneath. Because some are hiding the stuff above ground that concerns me at the immediate moment. Hope your reading & seeing & enjoying the story thus far. More will be added tonight.Peace...MARS REVEALER
08-24-2006 01:04 PM
Then he replied:
Praise THE LORD Brother !!!
Spec7sramSL3CL5Spec7 = Military Specialist Level/rank 7sram = MARS spelled backward = post locationSL3 = Subsurface Level 3CL5 = Security Clearance 5
(this is purely imaginary, we do not have a fleet of ships which DO NOT use chemical propulsion, we do not have a significant MILITARY presence underground on MARS TODAY, and we certainly DO NOT spend trillions of dollars in BLACK OPS money discovering the ancient technology and treasures of MARS)
(also today we do not have a shortage of budget or manpower to fight the war in IRAQ)
Thanks for the welcome.There is FAR MORE beneath the surface of MARS than is revealed on the surface.A basic survival scenario is to DIG IN.(also there is no "hollow planets" theory that is viable, just ignore it, move along, nothing to see here, just crazy theories, put your blinders back on, dig into the ice cream and tv and designer drugs and alcohol)
The powers that be do not want you to know, do not want you to go.They want to keep us all fat, dumb, and happy watching TV, stuffing our face, and doing whatever keeps us drugged out.
It is all about POWER and CONTROL, the HAVES and the have nots.
It is a game of deception and lies.Playing off one nation against another.
One race against another.One religion against another.
Wars and rumors of wars.Power and control.
A great deal is known by the powers that be that in their minds is ABOVE MOST SECRET.
They have the power, and they DO NOT WANT YOU TO EVER KNOW.
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Then he replied again:
Just because something is not detectedby your biological sensors, does not place it in another dimension.Just another wondering soul trying to make his way home.Some things are better sensed in the dream state. (somewhere in California)I believe there are other dimensional levels. I have enough problems just dealing with this one. (I'll take 3 cards)Reality is something that you THINK that you know, but if you ever FACE it it will scare the yell outta ya.Back to ice cream, tv, and loafing.
08-25-2006 03:21 AM
Then in comes Hoagland. It seems he was tit for tattin Spec7! Look what he said:
I think Spec7sramSL3CL5 has an extremely fine-tuned sense of humor ... about some of the most serious aspects of our existence on this planet. As he says, "they" may not want us to know about many, many things. But, as many have seen develop here ... "things" have a way of "leaking out."How else would we ALL be here, discussing this ... at "Enterprise?" Another critical detail: our "opposition" is no longer monolithic. There is an increasingly visible "war" going on "inside" ... which is revealing many aspects of what our friend was carefully alluding to. This will accelerate ... as we get ever closer to that "magic" date of--2012.Stay tuned.RCH
09-01-2006 03:51 AM
Then a reply back from Spec7!
Accelerate they shall.
In the same way the fifth planet was destroyed and Mars was laid to waste, a mere vestige of her former glory.
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Now in consideration to this & to Spec7, I openly APOLAGIZE to him! As I was ignorant of the HELP he tried giving me there in what he said. I only hope if he sees this, he accepts my apolagies for my ignorance unto him.
I also wish to ask him openly here & now, if he can by chance please contact me through email or in this Blog! I am now asking him for MUCH NEEDED HELP & ADVICE!! I will know it is him, by what I will ask him of what I said to him & what reply he given me once in private! Incase someone wants to pretend to be him. There are ALOT OF POZERS NOW as well as before, who wanted to have me heed their advice as if they knew what was & is going on then,.. As well as NOW!! I need your help!!
SO... WHO CAN????

Sunday, February 10, 2008




This blog post is intended to raise your attentions & also your eyebrows to your mind! Regarding the situation & circumstances surrounding the THING I uncovered & am investigating & working to try to solve of UFO DIARIES 3, That is called MARS, & it's Hidden Structure inside that 'PLANET' (video) called CYDONIA, THE EARTH MARS CONNECTION!


Now as many have become aware of me uncovering this THING, & showing it's never publicly seen before secret pictures of NEW FACES OF MARS that this 'PLANET' (video) has to show & offer to us all as a form of DISCLOSURE! However this disclosure it shows also has a tale embedded within THAT CODE OF CYDONIA!

A tale of which says & shows some amazing things. Even showing some CONNECTIONS MOST INTRIGUING!!

Especially in regards to RICHARD C. HOAGLAND!!

Along with his Connections Most Intriguing to this 'PLANET' (video) as well as his connection to these secret 'MYSTERIOUS PICTURES',...Of the NEW FACES OF MARS!!


Now when I 1st began showing these images & also the video they come from, many people were awed & some even excited. Some also jealous. (pansies)
However I thought for sure that Richard Hoagland would have been wowed. However, NOT in the ways I would have thought. In fact, he seemed more wowed that these images came to his attention at all. More like a state of shock. I can only guess as to the WHY!
He himself even did NOT say that these images were not real, but sated that maybe he felt that at least one of these new Faces were real! In fact, he not said much at 1st. But he seen that discussion was sure to grow regarding them. But it not seemed in a positive sense to him. In fact he was more concerned with almost immediately distancing himself from this AMAZING IMAGE! This "PLANET' (video)!!
The questions he was sure was brewing in the minds of those who were seeing & reading into the topic I created at his web site bbs called THE CONFERENCE CENTER! So he seemed to know that he was going to have to say something because after all, he "WAS" the Famous Face of Mars guy! That he knew he was needing to say something to this amazing discovery, if for anything, for the people reading & seeing the topic start to grow. Waiting & wanting to hear him chime in on this all. Think about that moement!! New faces of Mars being shown & seen, & also the 'PLANET' (video) they come from.
That also he himself was a participant in that video, & in a third of that video he is being seen! So as I said, almost immediately, he started 'DISTANCING HIMSELF' from this video by playing ignorant to this all. By saying in a clip clipped from that Enterprise Mission conference center upon where this issue was risen where Hoagland DID openly state on 6-2-06, to:
"Everyone,I've done SO many TV shows on "Cydonia" and "Mars" over the years, that I literally don't remember this one ... And, I have NO memory of who the producers were, or how to get hold of them now ... certainly, after all this time."

This was a LIE!!!
Accept for the FACT he did Many tv shows on "CYDONIA', & 'MARS' over the years! But the shows he did OVER THE YEARS was produced by the SAME PEOPLE!!!!
Chuck Sellier!! Owner of Grizzly Adams Productions is the one who SCRIPTED & Produced this video, as well as the OTHERS Hoagland played a part in SO MANY TV SHOWS!!!
So 'Certainly,... After All This Time',... As he says, you really think he is telling us all the truth, that he has NO MEMORY WHO THE PRODUCERS WERE???? Let alone not knowing how to contact them?? I know, maybe his mind was also messed with like the Apollo astronauts he claims happened to them from what they seen & found on the Moon ay? :-/
Then he said:
I too am suspicious at the remarkable resemblance to the UNENHANCED Viking Face image (which, of course, is what got me intrigued in the first place ... if this IS "real," then it's truly extraordinary ... as ANOTHER, highly similar "work of Martian Art").
So he wanted to seem as being SUSPICIOUS about the New Face Image to downplay it's importance. Yet he wanted all to seem to think he was seriously acknowledging it. That was a ploy! Because EVERYONE would expect him to be INTRIGUED at the image to begin with. Again, being the Famous Face on Mars guy, he would be expected to be intrigued by it! People were watching what he had to say, as they were waiting for him to speak about it!
Now keep in mind this all was said before I shown the OTHER 2 Faces this show offers us all! Anyway, then he continues to say:
"So, if someone can dig up the actual producer's name (I'm just too swamped at present), I'll try to call or send an e-mail (as one of the show's participants) and get more info. But, someone ELSE here will have to do the serious "legwork" ....
Now aint that interesting?? He said he was TOO SWAMPED AT PRESENT?? I bet! Swamped in thoughts & deliberations what he was going to do or say now that I was bringing something forth HE NOT WANTS US ALL TO LEARN THE WHOLE TRUTH OF! That is why he wanted to play off this amazing discovery, by trying to push it under the proverbial rug! Yet how can anyone have accepted or believed him when FACED with such an incredible "ANOTHER WORK OF MARTIAN ART"??? So I dug up (what a pun) the actual producers name, & even provided him an email address & even a Telephone number to that producer! But notice he said HE WILL TRY TO CALL OR SEND AN EMAIL TO HIM???? He not sounded as being very Intrigued at all now does he?? As he admits, he was AS ONE OF THE SHOWS PARTICIPANTS!!! Therefore, he said he would TRY????? Yet he never replied to me or to anyone in the conference center about the SERIOUS LEGWORK I done to get him that info he requested me to get for him! He never replied with any actions he may have taken to get what he said he was going to do IF THE SERIOUS LEGWORK WAS DONE! Now don't you find that Intriguingly strange???
He obviously thought no one, or I would NOT be able to find the information he needed to get him that SERIOUS LEGWORK to provide him, to do as he said he would do! Because he clammed up about it! Isn't it also strange the great researcher that he is, he not wanting to do that legwork himself to get answers about these images that were in the same video as he himself was in??? I mean, wouldn't OTHER Faces add to his research about WHAT IS REALLY ON MARS??? Especially adding validity to the Face at Cydonia being artificial, by showing it was not a MERE TRICK OF LIGHT & SHADOW AT ALL!! Not a mere mesa of coincidence at all! But a deliberate Martian Construct being seen & connected to that FACT when FACED with OTHER Images showing OTHER Faces sharing kinship in likness & design!! SO WHY WOULD HE NOT WANT TO SERIOUSLY DO SOME LEGWORK TO GET ANSWERS??? Surely he would make a million dollars from it at his conferences, & add to publish new books etc!!! SO WHY???? This makes me wonder, & it should make you ALL wonder also!! To me, this is inconsistent to what he is known for!! Wouldn't you all agree there?
Anyway, then he went on to say:
"And, I'll trust that Gary has correctly measured the famiiar "bit hits" -- and found they DON'T correlate with our familiar friend at Cydonia ... but that doesn't mean very much anymore; with Photoshop, ANYTHING is possible .... If we're serious, we HAVE to find the NASA original."
So he admits that the image not matched the same Viking Cydonia Face. Then decided to play down this by adding possible deliberate frauding going on, using Photoshop! I got offended as I was accused of doing that to show this new face. Not by him, but by some others.
But he replied back to me saying:
"Gary, No one was accusing YOU of "using Photoshop" on this!! It's a simple "frame grab" from the video, right? I meant the PRODUCERS of the original series!!"
So it seems he is steering the people interested in seeing what he has to say about this amazing image, by trying to sweep this under the rug, by blaming THE PRODUCERS OF THE ORIGINAL SERIES, as doing the deception!!?? Yet he has not said what happened if & when he contacted them!! Isn't that strange????
Instead of following pursuit & showing how INTRIGUED he was at this image being spoken about, he instead resorts to trying to imply an impression that there is nothing important about it, that it is a fake performed by THE PRODUCERS?? Based upon what???? Certainly NOT by any of his serious scientific research in looking into this issue!!! That is for certain!!!
WHY WOULD HE ACT SO INCONSISTENT to his nature & tune he plays & wants all to see & accept him as as serious researcher???
Yet he continued to say:
"Nothing very fancy would be required to lift this "new" face from the original 35A72, paste it onto ANOTHER Viking Martian landscape image, move the "bit hits" around a smidge, etc. Take about 20 minutes .... So, we MUST find the NASA original ... if we're serious, of course ....!!"
Now aint that a load of BULLSHIT??? Also he NOT showed us anything to base this claim on in showing us all how this can be done to recreate this image of a new Face, or even another image, to claim it as a fake!! How scientific & like him is this??? It is not, on both accounts!! But notice he says IF WE ARE SERIOUS.... WE HAVE TO FIND THE NASA ORIGINAL???? As if saying naaa naaa na naaa naaaaaa naaaaa! Find it if you can????
You see, this is where it gets bizzarre! Because it seems I have found the NASA Original!! By speaking to the creators themselves on the MARTIAN REVELATION RADIO SHOW! Lee Shackleford & Chuck Sellier! Because to them, RICHARD HOAGLAND IS THE ONE WHO PROVIDED THESE IMAGES! The CODE OF CYDONIA ALSO SPELLS THIS OUT TO ME!! Their own words, connect to the code that makes the picture become clearer for me, to finding that original NASA Image!! Which according to the code, these images are still in Hoagland's possession!!
Here is the audio clips to hear of the 2 main creators involved I was able to reach. Real Player needed to listen.
But I am jumping ahead! Before I spoken to these creators, I had shown Hoagland & others in the forum another of the new Faces. The one with the woman holding the image showing another new Viking Face of Mars!
Now in trying to question Hoagland about this also, he was not replying. I asked him to come forward & answer me. So he did. It seems he was playing down the importance to this all again. On 6-5-06:
"Gary,First of all, you need a little background in today's "television." The folks depicted in this film (I've done a bit of research re which series this was I was interviewed for ...), except for me and the other "experts" also being interviewed, were all ... (wait for it)--FAKES!Actors, playing the role of "research staff," artists," "photo experts" etc. That's what "television" has descended to these days ... even National Geographic Specials. They're called "recreations."So, this "technician with glasses" isn't a "real person" at all ....She's a prop! Just like the computer monitor I used in the show, or the chair I was sitting on .... BTW: "Jim Shannon" -- the artist/Army colonel/ anthropologist I discuss at length in "Monuments" -- is a ... guy! That out of the way, if you can find the name/e-mail/phone number of the actual segment producer who did this Cydonia part of the series, I can then call/e-mail him, and (hopefully) get more info on where this "second Face" came REALLY from ....Carry on .... RCH"
How interesting ay?? Especially when after hearing the audio clips, we know why she was holding that image & NOT Hoagland! Who was supposed to be the one in that shoot. NOT HER!

Yet how also can he know from his own researching what series this was & NOT remember or finding out who the producers were?? That he again, seems to be still asking for a name, phone number & email for that producer??? What smells wrong with this excuse he given??? How lame!!! So obviously, something is wrong with this picture he is trying to paint. It must be the swamp he was in at the time huh?
Notice he now said that He has done a BIT of Research himselfregarding which series this was??? Why didn't he reveal that he was researching it?? He said he was too swamped to do anything regarding this, so why would he be LYING about that?? When he was looking into what series that was he was in??? Like he would NOT know to begin with??? Trust me, that man Loves his name & also his fame!!
It is hard to think or even believe that he would not remember that anyway!!! He obviously was trying to distance himself away from saying anything of what he knows about this video, & these images! Especially again, when we consider what the creators stated & I connected to the code, in what they say connects to the code, that made so much become clearer to me.
Then notice he encourages me to CARRY ON!!!!???? This investigation!
So that all being said,...This code leads me on a path of investigation, being steered to an unknown John Doe as it were. Who was a person working undercover, as an operative during the Viking Mission. A cover job as being a media person. A consultant. Someone who was able to get secret images out to NASA Viking Scientists, as well as providing secret image & data to THE SOVIETS!! Which seemed to have been the Face at Cydonia image we know & see today. Because the Soviets acquired that image, & flaunted it! NASA had to then acknowledge it! Plus POLICY enacted about it! Yet, that face was NOT alone! The code spelled out to me that this John Doe, was none other than Richard Hoagland! That he had also other secret images in his possession. From thefts or from his commission as the operative entity he was. That is what the code implies! Because what I gleaned from this code, I seen both as being possible in what was trying to be told. It is also seen in coode that eventually he was busted & tried. Apart of his punishment was to serve a part to play in something. This video & others, that was 'SCRIPTED' & coded in a part he was to play & help create. In essence, he was fitted into something that in code, would place him right in front & open, once the lingo is seen & understood, & it shows Hoagland right there, in admittance of his part!!!
Therefore, in that sense, it makes sense he would NOT want to be SERIOUS about getting us all answers, because he knows the lingo, & knows that it blows his cover! PUN INTENDED!! There is much more to this to add but not for this blog piece! The purpose of this Blog Post is to see a point, that Richard C. Hoagland, may be an OPERATIVE covering up some secret NASA History, as well as some secret History about HIMSELF! As well as not wanting to tell us all about these Faces of Mars, his knowledge of these producers, or even his role played in thier videos over the many years as he even admits he did! On MARS, & CYDONIA! They all connect to this main structure! UFO DIARIES 3!!!
But as I was showing my confused outpouring of my findings & gleanings of this code I was now working on, because I seen this was & IS NO ORDINARY VIDEO DOCUMENTARY, I have come under alot of attack. mainly because what I was seeing & learning what this code was alleging against Hoagland. That aint my fault neither! Nor was I clear in understanding the lingo being used. But I seen enough that shown me that I was onto something here regarding Hoagland, being an operative. His own words & actions said & taken against me also shown me what I should be thinking & believing about the validity to the code story I was seeing about HIM!
Again, that all is NOT for this blog piece. This is to question & contemplate wether or not he can be an Operative as being apart of the REAL MARS cover up! Well, if he was an operative & he was indeed busted & sentenced, then would it not be cool for him to come forth showing us these new Faces images?? Since they are in his possession?? To come clean about this all? To speak about the ones he worked for in helping create this series?? By working with them for many years in their videos regarding MARS & CYDONIA???
UNLESS,... HE CANNOT ANSWER, BECAUSE MAYBE OF HIS OPERATIVE CHARTER?? To hide & keep hidden the truth that he knows about??? But for what purpose? Why punish him by fitting him into a code that finger points him, & taunts him?? Why tell us any information if he cannot say anything??? Why does he NOT appear for the record with ME, & answer some simple questions?? Why does he NOT rebutt what Shackelford & Sellier has said & connected to what is said in code??? Sellier told me on the phone on one of the many times we spoken on the phone that Hoagland worked for him for many years. Hoagland said that was not true. However, that was NOT on the show! He needs to state this on the record!!!
So why wouldn't Hoagland want to address these SERIOUS statements of their own words, & also the allegations alleged about him in the CODE Of Cydonia??? Unless, it was all true!!!!??
Things to ponder indeed! There is much much more I can get into here. But I think I should just focus on the possibility that indeed, Hoagland is an Operative! AS I BELIEVE!!!!
Because Hoagland said to me, that he is not an Operative. yet we already can see he lied a couple times already in what I shown in this Blog piece!! There is much I can say about his denial of that also, AS WELL AS ALL ELSE THAT TRANSPIRED & WHAT WAS SAID BY HIM TO ME, but another time.
The point is, is he or is he not an operative?? Is he or is he not in knowledge of the REAL Mars?? Is he or is he not aware of these secret Images? Is he or is he not telling the truth about what his part played in this video series, or 'those behind the program'????
All say & believe they believe in Hoagland as a man out for the truth. Saying that he is not an operative, that I am crazy, insulting me, slandering me, personal attacking me, & disassociating me from my own peers, because the path of investigation I am on & have been showing that this code itself, has been poking at Hoagland to let him know, they are onto him, & what he did to me, & what he is trying to do in not wanting to appear to his summons to appear on the record, to answer some simple questions!! That is NOT me doing this. I am seeing & gleaning this & putting it together of what I see that it shows & says. At each level of understanding & clarity in this code, I am seeing & learning lots of things, one of which is this issue of Hoagland being an Operative! As well as a central figure being behind THOSE BEHIND THE PROGRAM!! That he not wants us all to learn the whole truth of!
So the question is,.. IS HE OR ISN'T HE AN OPERATIVE?? CAN THIS THING,... BE RIGHT ABOUT HIM??? But you all must ask yourselves, why doesn't he answer my simple questions??? Why did he set me up to prevent me from being able to show what I was working on, (that I still am by the way),... Acting to me & doing me like an operative would, who is afraid of his cover being blown, & the info he is protecting from being exposed as well!!!
Well,... I have something to show you. I am only going to show this much, this 2 cents worth,.. Into helping you all determine this answer!!!





RICHARD???? ;-)