Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Now it seems obvious to me that what the CODE OF CYDONIA shows regarding to Richard Hoagland & this MYSTERY of his connections between the SOVIET UNION during the cold war, & also regarding these amazing connections most intriguing that connects to him in secret history during the Viking Mission, that involves/involved him in being more apart of that all ALSO, than is really known.

This code alludes him as being finger pointed to him as being Richard Hoagland, as being an agent, & double agent working with the Soviets back then. Seems someone not liked that idea?!

Anyway,... "LIES & NONSESNE GARY????" Then all seen the connections that seemed to yell almost silently, about his Russian hay day at the Press Conference. Few seen connections to what I was seeing in the code that was showing us consistencies to take it into consideration that it may be true!

Well, there is new statements by Hoagland that show that his possible connection to the soviets is not BULLSHIT after all!

Out of his own mouth!!

He admits having decades worth of PROVIDED Soviet/Russian data! So, if he says the Soviet connection to him is all BULLSHIT,... THEN WHY DOES HE SPOUT HAVING DATA & INFORMATION BY THE SOVIETS THAT SPAN DECADES??

DECADES ago you were apart Of gathering that SOVIET DATA HUH?! Certainly there is NO FOOT ON THAT FACE OF MARS OF YOURS AY?



Where are these Images Richard????? What are you Trying To Hide?




Biological_Unit said...

Soviet Russia was/still is Zionist controlled.
RCH's squeeze Robin is Jewish.
Mike Bara is Hungarian Jewish.

No one likes crazy people like youzself. The Jew Media don't need you - too loco - you're kicked to the curb.

Real, non-stoned people are ready to help. Jews aren't victims, we have all been MASSIVELY LIED TO.
You've supported them, they won't EVER support you.

MeanGreen said...

Mars Revealer - Great sound clip - RCH saying he has "decades of database from the Russians".

It seems RCH has many titles:
"I am not an Occultist but I'm a Physicist"

It seems if some of these steps are followed a Physicist title can be earned:

Step 1:
Earn a bachelor's degree in physics and a teaching credential if you want to teach high-school physics.

Step 2:
Get a master's degree in physics if you plan to work in applied or practical physics, conduct research or teach at a two-year college. Explore professional master's degree programs that prepare you for work in the private sector.

Step 3:
Gain experience in other areas such as computer technology if you want to work in applied physics. Many people study physics and then work in information technology fields as software engineers or systems developers.

Step 4:
Become a theoretical physicist and explore topics such as the origin of the universe, or work in a practical field developing new materials and equipment. You'll need at least a doctoral degree in physics to work in theoretical research and development. Expect to do postdoctoral work to land a permanent university or government job.

Step 5:
Specialize in a subfield such as acoustics or fluids. If you think small is beautiful, pick atomic physics. If your interests are farreaching, go into astronomy (which some consider a subfield of physics).

Step 6:
Look for work in government, commerce or education. You can teach at a university, work for a drug company or find a job at NASA. Some entrepreneurs form their own companies to develop new products and ideas. You can work on everything from electronics and optics to medical and navigation equipment.

Step 7:
Slip on that white lab coat--many physicists spend their careers in research laboratories. If you specialize in a field such as nuclear energy, you may need to share bigger, more expensive equipment in a larger team setting.

Step 8:
Sharpen your grant-writing skills or find someone else to write those proposals. They're usually essential to keep your work funded.

Step 9:
Become an author as Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time) has done and write about physics.