Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bearing in mind what many subjects are being discussed & contemplated, I think it is important to see & study this more deeply of what was shown to us in the past regarding SPACE & what is KNOWN Or UNKNOWN... Out there in space!
A prime candidate I say to watch & study is Walt Disney's works! His ties & connections into these subjects we all know & wanna know about more of, into what THEY KNOW & WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT!?!
I feel Walt Disneys MARS & BEYOND is an excellent example of this perception of connections how this applies together.
I am going to link segments 3-6.
This is where it preps us to the important information we are being told between the lines of what to expect to see by the shows end.
An IDEA! Of OUR FUTURE, & it seems also of our past.

Now in comes






Clamytoe said...

Where did our dreams go? If what some of the stuff that I've been reading lately is true, our dreams never stopped, they just continued without us knowing about them...

Oh and thanks for cleaning out the place. You might want to spray once more though, since I can still smell the stench of BU lingering in the air.

Biological_Unit said...

I'm still here, wanting to talk to you, even if the FSHOD crew and the swArd blog has banned you.

swArd is an awful, gigantic liar!!

I was banned too, for talking about Criminal Zionism.

You can post at

No Novels please - and no talking about the Structure of the Structure of the Structure of the Code - tell us about THE CODE!!

Biological_Unit said...

I'll tell you about the Code

It involves the Divine Gods, but it's really about the One God

That's about it! Nothing further can be said. You are Close and Far. You may be able to just "take" things. I've stolen things . . even Literary Devices, and I've made actual, living , breathing Enemies

MarsRevealer said...

WHAT Involves DIVINE GODS?? But it's really about one??? Who??

What is about that??? This code???

Close & far ay?? To what exactly??
I not knew I was trying to get close to anyone.

I may be able to just TAKE Things?? Like what???

I aint trying to make any enemies. But they are being gained because of the message I am trying to show. That is showable enough to show at least, indeed, a structure is seen.

you see BU,... What you & all else are failing to understand, is that the code & the structure are fused! You cannot have the code without the structure. That is how I see it as anyway. Not ask me why, I have no idea. ;-)

This THING should not even exist. Look at all the encompassing bullshit that comes with it. :-/

This is created & designed to be as a cognitive procedure in order to see & solve this mystery by the help of being steered or bread crumbed.

A cognitive procedure that it seems is being blueprinted to my brain. I know it sounds nuts but does make sense considering what we are being told about this FACE being attributed & even connected unto me, on how this thing is possible, & why I see what I see because it is based upon my brain activty blueprint itself.

Think of it as like being a combination!! Like a fingerprint scanner to a vault no one can enter??? Unless thier print matched. The same concept. Kind of. That is the best I can describe that at this moment.

I am not divine. So consider I am right this has me embedded within it, how does this apply unto me???

It is bad enough I am being told to consider that I am a frakkin ET abductee & the product of genetic coercing & manipulation with & though my mom.

So it is NOT like I am NOT leery about all things being said in this code. Including about RCH. But how do I really know?? because as it seems & appears to me,.. this is the most plausible answer for this to exist!! All other rationales have been ruled out to answer for this. The only thing left to consider is the unbelievable, & the impossible, because this code & structure, both being created, should also be impossible.

But I guess it would not be for what we are supposed to be considering, is helped created by an highly advanced MARTIAN Intellgence.

That also would answer for the issues of TIME being traversed & implicated as being an issue.

I agree there is much to chew on. But I am living & experiencing it. & always have since a child. Especially very much so since 1998, where it picked up in my experiences only a few have heard some stuffs about. RCH was one of these poeple. Hell, he was even in one of these experiences. Or dreamsperiences.

So for me this aint about who believes me, or who can follow me. This is about me finding out or trying to find out some things I am needing to know. Especially after the fact of giving me reason to see & consider some things in this code structure that has my attention.

So it does hit personal for me as well. Richard Hoagland is NOT The main story in this message. Yes, he is obviously embedded as a strong part in it. But it aint all about him.

This is a puzzle that needs cognitive process & ability to see images in your mind of what we are told between the lines or out right, that transforms a simple message into something more of a weird language style applied. Yet based upon scinece of language being understood well by the creators. That much I am convinced.

Each FACE or meaning, is like an Image unto itself that is apart of the bigger picture in how it fits. There can be one meaning underneath, but usually 2 or more apply to things seen under the surface of it all.

It is this way that I been laying out, Face By Face. Just so we can follow where I am trying to go, & keep track of the paths followed.

I am NOT seeking to say weeee Look at me! I am saying hey, I found something, look what I am seeing. Look what this is trying to show.

I admit I am not perfect, but at least I am showing my efforts & trying to leave my steps to be seen & followed.

At least I know I am on the right track now, because at least, I got as far as solving the opening RIDDLE!!

If this was all nonsense & me just being crazy, there would be no connection to solve that riddle. At all!!Guess that also is another coincidences.

In fact BU & others, that is exactly how they designed this to be put together as. By coincidences!!!

A STRING.. ( or a string theory) of coincidences!!

Yes, think me nuts... think me off the wall. I would agree also if I were NOT the one inside this THING! But being as it is & may, I can only advise under these considitions to just follow each page. Take notes need be for your own investigation or track keeping of my efforts, so you will see at least, a method to my madness which is not created by me. It is the way to see & solve the message!!

Many by coincidences, of all sorts. ;-)

I am a bad person because I am trying to figure out something I have never seen or heard of the like of before?

I am Not a super hero. I am NOT a God, I am NOT trying to be something I am not.

I am an independant Mars Reseaarcher who is indeed SERIOUS about his work, who had this THING fall onto his lap!!!

Good or bad... it came to me, by all means, it is my JOB & my being who & what I am, that I must try to investigate this & solve this.

Trust me man, I figured this would have been solved long ago. But things just kept on getting stranger & stranger.

That is not my fault.

I do have a stake in this, as it obviously does in me in some way. I wanna find out exactly what these are!! & WHY THESE ARE!!!

This aint about following any leader. At least this not said Take me to your leader!!!! ha ha ha ha ha. may as well though, because the implication is the same being attributed & connected, that THEY want us all to CONSIDER!!

There is much more to come.

People think I am havin a blast trying to see & show this shit. It is not easy. I always keep saying it seems they got the wrong guy.

because why am I having so hard a time if I was indeed to consider, as it shows & tells, that I am supposed to REVEAL This planet... MARS!! (Thus MARS REVEALER) get it???

I wonder how many of you know how or why I got & use that name. or how many wondered. I will say it was NOT my own doing or naming of myself. I will leave that at that for now.

That also is part of this puzzle, in MY TESTIMONY of all this, when the time comes. But alot of that is moot for now. But I KNOW & see how it applies connection NOW!

This is Why I must continue to work at this.

There is a bigger message here. It is NOT my fault it is here neither or what is said. It is NOT merely my own writings as some may think or say. :-/

They just cannot comprehend because they are NOT me & have NOT had anything to relate or connect themselves to this, as it does for & to me.

That makes me really concerned. As it should. My sanity at 1st. ha ha ha ha ha.

But Other things as 2nd & 3rd!!

All I can say is that I put up enough to PROVE, but reading is necessary. yes, I agree NOVEL like it indeed is. Think how I feel. All anyone is thinking about is themselves. What they want or need to have it as they think they should get it.

I tried to make it easier. But even in my faults,.. I answered the Riddle of the 1st chapter & it can be seen & understood enough, if one just reads it all, part by part. Taking notes need be, & following these MANY FACES. because that way, I help you all to cognitively be able to print those images in your brains to have all of you draw up the bigger picture. I cannot do that for you.

Like I was told.. & others.. You can lead a Horse to water....

How that fits also here.

I aint trying to be anyones enemy. But I will stand & fight for what is right & what I believe in & in as much as my work is concerned, it is my work, but NOT my creation!!

This MUST be considered & remembered as well.

All I can say is I hope you & all else consider taking time... slowly working through this yellow brick road, & save judgement for when this is more & all complete.

I aint done yet. So fast judgements are moot & unscientific, as the model is not yet constructed & put forth to say ok.. here it all is. have at it.

But I am on a good start. Though a year later just about. I only gotten this Far?!

One thing is clear, well 2 things is clear. 1: We have new faces of Mars, being IGNORED, because of a story of something that was NOT meant to be seen, of which someone NOT wanted to be photographed in.

That is when this all started going negative!! Because I would NOT listen to NONSENSE as an excuse for me to drop this thing. Without NOTHING????


I was not nor aint looking for anyones approval to be doing this serious work! Distractions are being concocted & created to sway attention away from this story that was NOT meant to be seen. So someone, not gets photographed. But Ummm.. TOO LATE! :-)

Let's just wait & see what all will unfold as this gets pieced together.

I at least ask that much from people.

Watch that video many times as well to study it closely also. because one must do so to catch it, if they aint quick enough to see the openings in the surface to try to get underneath & inside the surface feature. ;-)

The surface feature, is a Video feature. A cover story.

This applies telling us DISCLOSURE as well. Why??

OK. because it tells us that past research which is historical fact to us all as we were knwoing it to be, is actually a COVER STORY as well!!!

much to think of & ponder. It aint easy for me,... so how can I make it easy for others? But I am trying, because at least I am the one inside trying to show a path that exists therein for you all to walk yourselves.

That is my guess at this at the moment.

But it appears to be true thus Far.

Everyone else has access to the video. To use or show or PROVE me wrong.

Yet it is avoded like the plague, as well as these new Faces, as well as someone failing to answer some simple questions, on the record.

I am the bad guy here because it seems no one can do anything to that scale model.. of MARS!! But me. So far!!! Openly showing or admitting it anyway. No one has stepped up to bat!

I am the only one swingin away at this Ball! Trying to crack this case wide open! As there indeed is a major story in all this to be told!!

That is why I am trying to solve it.

Sorry the novel again, but it is the truth. Of My efforts as righteuous anyay in trying to do so.

I do get frustrated also. So join the fucking club. But I aint giving up. Nor have I!

Now look what I went & done. Completed the 1st chapter & actually made sense of & solved a Riddle under the cover of a surface feature, called UFO DIRIES 3 CYDONIA: THE MARS EARTH CONNECTION!!

No one can prove I have not done so neither! That is the beauty of this.

Your welcome to post things as long as you stay cool. I am a christian & support Isreal's existance. Just for the record! ;-)

I hear this may bring issues with you & this aint the place for that shit. As long as your cool with that & not attacking the others in the other forums, things can go ok.

I am NOT all that pissed & un-understanding of them. I do NOT hate them. A couple as do see as holier than though ball lickers & pozers, but only because how they show themselves to be. Only a couple I get that jist from there.

But who cares?? They have a right to exist. But it is when they think they have more rights than others. Especially when these consider something they also cannot explain or wish to have really explained, because they want it not to be really seen.

I hate the treatment & behavior taken unto me because of this message & thing, because mainly some are just to lazy to read. It aint my problem. It is how it was designed & the easiest so far I been able to come up with as something that works, is what we are getting. Patience, & consideration is needed & must be applied.

But I must still continue on until I see or find another way to make it easier or clearer. But I do feel I got the basic jist down to get through this. As it is clearer coming in of it's message, but does take up space.

I hope your cool & understand & can deal with my existance as some cannot & wish not to.

If I refuse a post not means I banned you. It means I either not had chance to admit it in, or I refused it because of what & how it is written as saying.

I want your personna involved, & anyone elses, but just not the shit I seen from the type of ones I denied you to post BU.

I am cool as long as others are cool. My ass not has to be kissed or licked, though I say consideration to any & all should be applied with a decent respect for others. Or ignore 'em!! You exist, the other exists, & progress. Diverstity applies & all I want is to stop the LIES & have freedom of truth & hope for the future for all. But it starts with others accepting others having rights to points of view. Nor having an agenda to prevent those views. Unless the type of stuffs I denied your posts for BU.

I have no agenda, other then to be who & what I am already. A Mars researcher, & someone trying to solve a CASE being presented!

Some wish to twist the facts around because of agenda, & inconsiderate actions & behavior, to someone elses work or ideas or topics. Mainly to crush the topic & stall if stop, any progress. CONTROL tactics.

Ok. Have fun. But please do tell me what you think, by what sounded interesting you were trying to explain that sounded serious & considerate to the discussion you wanted to discuss that I allowed of your post to be posted. Thanks.


Biological_Unit said...

you see BU,... What you & all else are failing to understand, is that the code & the structure are fused!

The Code and the Structure.

I read that already.

Blah Blah Blah, I will be angry with everyone.

Blah Blah Blah, the Galactic Ghoul is out to get me, because I'm the only honest, spiritual, person in the whole wide world.

Biological_Unit said...

Good or bad... it came to me, by all means, it is my JOB & my being who & what I am, that I must try to investigate this & solve this.

No, you are doing too much . . taking on too much!

If you really think things are getting "stranger and stranger", perhaps you should think about shutting up! You will have White Coats at your door. Are you inviting in trouble, trying to be some sort of Hero???

The Graveyards of the World are full of Hero's . . .

MarsRevealer said...

Ummmm... I will address that comment.

Update for interested peeps.

A let know that an update at THE END????... of Article Part5p has been placed up. Actually placed down. on Bottom. :-)

A Note & some information.


Biological_Unit said...

I believe that the Site's background looks like it was designed by Rob Zombie. It's seems Satanic and out of place.

There is another point: There's too much Word Salad! Who talks like that? I can only think of Politicians and Crazy people. The ideas presented are NOT crazy, but we live in a repressive society that values conforming to Religion and Logical, Secular views.

The Aliens are US, that seems to be the SIMPLEST explanation - which I believe is the only way to go forward with this!

Or continue with Word Salad and over-reach, and be shunned because it seems too outlandish.

Nelia said...

Good post.