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Thank You For reading so much into this as I have so far.
Much deserved comments & thoughts & ideas are needed to be addressed & some questions answered for you readers.

If you made it this far all the way through this, KUDOZ!!!
Even so, if not, but something has you following this (or trying to) you still have the video itself. To have & use this as a PLAT. A MAP!!

To continue on TRYING to put this Puzzle together.

To solve these Mysteries & see what anyone of you can try to do ANYTHING at this code message decryption & see indeed, if YOU can convince me this is NONSENSE!!!!

Plus 2 more links will be added up for you ALL TO CONSIDER to spice UP this ENDING THAT WILL BE GIVEN & HEARD!!!

That has been MUCH Over Looked by most & also had FAILED TO CONSIDER IF AT ALL!


I will say that before I give my commentary, SOME people want evidence!


This 2nd Link:



Biological_Unit said...

Well, there is only He Said - She Said.

I look at many important Political sorts of things, and see monstrous Lying.

Okay - so there is some dirty business here! Mars is far away - why should I trust NASA or ANY Mars Researcher??

So you were lied to! So what!
So there are more Faces! Don't expect everyone to just drop what they are doing and start shouting from the rooftops!

We are lied to by the Media and people like Scientologists, every damn day. This is no different.

Don't get any ideas that Mars is somehow a "place to go and live".
We would soon die there! We can barely live in Northern Canada!

Biological_Unit said...

EventTemples: A new website from James
James, the anonymous creator of the and
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EventTemples is a major project, at least as ambitious in scope as the
WingMakers, and over the next six months it will rapidly evolve into a
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advanced techniques of living from the heart and performing energetic
transfers to pre-selected crisis points throughout the globe.

In order to anchor the EventTemples website, James is sharing a
54-page paper entitled, “Living from the Heart”. You can download the
paper for free from the website, as well as many other tools. Later,
in the month of August, registered users will be able to access one of
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Tracking System. This innovative system will provide support for
members to track their progress on the path to emotional self-mastery
and compare their progress to the greater community.

In October, the first Event Temple will be launched--a sacred
cyberspace that will enable members to synchronize their heart
energetics and direct them, on cue, from a guided animation to
specific events and the people affected by them.

James will also provide regular communications with members of
EventTemples through his "Notes from James" program. These notes will
help members with common issues and challenges as they journey to
emotional self-mastery.

The entire site is free. All the tools can be downloaded for free, and
users and members alike are encouraged to share the tools with their
networks of like-minded friends and/or family. Product sales from the
WingMakers website support the EventTemples, which was the vision of
James from the very beginning.

The EventTemples website is as innovative as anything on the web, yet
its focus is clearly centered on the simple but powerful intelligence
of the heart and its innate ability to be the master teacher within
us. This is all explained in clear language in the e-paper, and this
is the best starting point: to read James’ new e-paper.

EventTemples website

Thank you for your support of James' mission. We will continue to
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Sincerely and on behalf of James,

Mark Hempel | | Web Manager

Biological_Unit said...

Please post at swArd's blog:

Everything that silly man posts is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT GARBAGE!!

Anonymous said...


Biological_Unit said...

One God and Many Gods - fighting it out, right in the open, inna yo face