Saturday, May 19, 2007



CONTROVERSIAL Connection made with this video, to a video previously made in 1993, of UFO DIARIES 3: CYDONIA: THE MARS EARTH CONNECTION. ...

This video is shown to be more than just a video documentary. It is an ENCODED message detailing an incredible story! One of Soviet & American espionage of The US VIKING SPACE PROGRAM. Where OTHER SECRET FACES OF MARS WERE SEEN & HIDDEN! A SHOCKING MARTIAN REVELATION Who is behind that story as well!

That code message structure is detailed in my study of FACE OF MARS BROTHERS: OMENS FROM THE PAST.

THIS NEW VIDEO,... CONNECTS & CONTINUES the story from that one! This is an ALIEN ARTIFACT! A COMMUNICATION Of Profound nature that it should be IMPOSSIBLE TO EVEN EXIST! This video I am placing up now, is a tease of what is to come once I put together the pieces to a RIDDLE it all is apart of. Can any of you detect it?? Or see it?? OR SOLVE IT??? I CAN & HOPE TO SHOW YOU!


robert said...

My only comment here is to state that it was NOT John McCain and C2C's 'write-in' campaign that got the 'Data dumps' going the way they should have been going to begin with but my own PERSONAL talking with Hillary Clinton in May 2000 which got the MGS data dumps on target with where they should have been from the beginning. Everyone seems to forget this HISTORICAL FACT !!!

I ended up getting fired for pursuing the "Mars Anamolies" with my FOIA so getting relegated to a forgotten point in such an important epic fight is not something I wish to have happen.

I don't agree with ALL of Mrs Clinton's stances on issues, especially the Iraq war...but I do and will stand up for what I believe she DID do for the Mars community in getting the data dump going when we were having no luck doing ANYTHING else at that time period.


Clamytoe said...


I didn't know you rolled like that! Pretty sweet if it's true; and if it is, let me personally thank you for your sacrifice.

MR, another good vid. Many connections here. Further solidifies what you have been saying all along with the first vid. Keep up the good work, both of you.