Wednesday, May 09, 2007



Clamytoe said...

Awesome clip MR!

Very connecting indeed! I must have missed when you posted the link to this blog, because this is the first that I've become aware of it. I'll have to add this to my "blogs to check daily" list.

MarsRevealer said...

Hi Clamytoe. Glad you like it & see,... ummm.. connections.

As weird & Bizzare & Impossible it all should be. Yet.. we have so much.

This video is very signifigant in fact! It is a prelude to what THING was to come that fullfills the words of RCH in that shoot.

Even to the very detail of this message structure of FACE OF MARS BROTHERS: OMENS FROM THE PAST code structure.

In it's description of what he said in that news piece, as connecting also directly to this THING I have been trying to show.

Thanks & welcome to post. ;-)
But daily?? Nay... But periodically might be more like it that updates are in.

As you can see, not much discussion goin on. But so many connections.. To see tween the lines!!!

But this clip will be embedded within the F.O.M.B. at some point.

because it will be irrefutable the remarkable predicting phenomena this offers us! ;-)

Where does it all lead???