Monday, November 27, 2006

Welcome to a new Dimension. The dimension of the MARTIAN REVELATION that is upon you all now! Actually, this is an added attribute to an already existing site to complement that one. The Martian Revelation is morphing into it's own animal. Not just of the plans & ideas being contemplated on what is going to be added to this new dimensional morph to the show, & to you!

Please acknowledge this is a work in progress & may be utilized differently in other ways soon. I am new to this blog stuffs, but have an alien genius inside my head that is telling me I can use this & use that & how it can help make that! ;-)

But it is an idea. So at least the advantage even if this not works as according to plans, I am making available PODCASTS!!! I know MANY are gonna say YAYYYY!!!! It is about time I agree.

So archives will be SLOWWWLY added up. However, I have placed up the few shows I had this year, to start off from, & for you all to FOLLOW, so that we will be all on a footing that has your attentions to hear the flow of these shows in what they have to say. I advise this & am doing this because the times are needing this. Because there is a FLOW to it all, & MESSAGES! As well as a CODE within it all!

Richard Hoaglands show is the 1st archived in this matter. This was done April 7, 2006. This opens the door to a new level to what happened after this show with Richard, & brings you to a new level of which to add a surprising issue that ups the ante all the more to Drive home what Richard had to say in the April show. As you listen to the shows, you will see!

All these shows will portray now an open path to the next Martian Revelation show yet to be done soon with Richard Hoagland again.

As he likes to say,... STAY TUNED!

As time passed, many things happened. Especially regarding the show archive show content subjects you will hear. Times are also upon us for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) which is now Now at Mars. As well as OTHER recent news & situations that is driving home to us that all this indeed is real! Ummmm..Or NOT in some other of these same issues. You will have to wait for that & I will keep you all informed!

We are in a space race! We are dealing with ALIEN ET ARTIFACTS upon Mars! We are dealing with a paradygm shift... science fiction meeting science reality & beyond!

The title for the next show will be 'FACES IN THE WINDOW'

How fitting.... as the window is open... blowing the winds of the MARTIAN REVELATION into your homes... your ears & into the depths of your mind. Why??? Because you are ALL APART OF IT! As you will see... through a viel of secrecy & policy, & control. However, is the POLICY enacted,... going to be changed??? ARE WE IN THOSE TIMES NOW?
You all will have to be the judge. But know this, no matter what you think of me, my personna, you will clearly see there is far more to all this than we all knew! The time has come for us to know???? YOU MUST & WILL act to speak your voice to ensure that MRO gives us all & above & beyond what the public has previously received of all the amazing images NASA has aquired for us in the past. There is a pun there if you hath ears that hear! ;-)

However, times are changing. YOU can see that it does!!!!



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Thanks for the link to your blog, and show archives!
Paypack time has just begun!!!