Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Screenwriter for the series, Discussing UFO DIARIES history, as well as these NEW FACES OF MARS NEVER SEEN BEFORE this video, by the public! The investigation continues into this amazing bizzare string of coincidences I uncovered, after so many years of this video being around.


MeanGreen said...


Bad ASS!!! Thanks, the web site is back.

Fight the Good Fight!

MeanGreen said...

Whoever is the new #2, it just does not matter!

I am not a number, I am a free man!!!

MarsRevealer said...

Hi Mean. It is only temporary of the stuffs being placed back up.

I cannot any longer AFFORD THE PRICE it seems to maintain this all & will be gone soon. If anyone wants it, I suggest start copying this down, so at least, people can have access to it. Then have fun trying to put it all together. I not claim I can,.. But is actually a puzzle I had fun doing. At least.

I am not placing this back up to require anything or reason for anything. Accept I do state that I not wanna be a GHOST RIDER!

I appreciated your cool understanding in talking with me. Maybe you can solve the rest & solve this puzzle? I did tell you that. You have a fast eye & quicker than me it seems. ha ha ha.

What took me months, may take you possibly days. IF THAT,.. To sort out all that noise.

But this & me is still being laughed at also. I am sure, & what can I say?? I am a lowly PRIMITIVE monkey anyway. But someone.. died for me, even as lowly as I am. To save me.

So maybe your laughing also at me, in which my words I admit can cause confusion.

I am slightly confused.
You said...
"Whoever is the new #2, it just does not matter! I am not a number, I am a free man!!!"

Hmmmmmmm. I am sorry. I have a headache,.. I wish I can answer to this. I must have missed this someplace??? But I do want to be a free man as well. In all instances of the way that can be meant.

But is it wrong to show them these images & make a living HONESTLY in keeping with MY FAITH & BELIEFS as they are mine,... & in making that living??? In showing these images?Or in doing a job I thought was mine?

It seems my part was not to get these pictures & do so. I also not wish to be punished for doing so, or in trying to do so. Or condemning myself to do so.

I am poor, as you already know & are aware of as we spoke. I am NOT like someone else who was a Number 1. I am not as smart as that number one either. Nor am I wanting to be placed into an in between or have something like this be heaped upon me in my future to do this same to me, as done to the Number 1!

But I rather be a soul who is redeemed as a smelly number 2,... than by one who is forsaken because I chose to stink of that #2.

I am not posting this up again for benefit of myself. But so others can see I was not crazy or incorrect about what I believed I found of the story being told.

Plus because SOMEONE... again... tried to stick it to me.

I will NOT say anything more about this. As in this case,.. KARMA IS A BITCH! I forgave, & Love,... But wish this was really something for me, that would not cost me my soul. & I wish that this would be a benefit to human kind.

So I hope I am not a fool to you mean? Though I know I was one in this.

The number 1 I am thinking about, who is also maybe a number 2,.. as that all smells, (HEE HEE)said He can easily go work for STORM SHUTTERS anyway. He has means, skills, & ability, TO PROVIDE FOR HIS OWN & WHATNOT. He KNEW IT SEEMS WHAT HE WAS GETTING HIMSELF INTO. & SIGNED NO LESS! & played against me.

Me?? I was running around like a chicken with no head being laughed at by all parties it seems evident.

My work was never my own, & does make me raise questions then to as WHY??? If knowing I am the wrong one for this to solve???

Or was this apart of the chess match, between heaven & Hell? This contest... This TEST. I only Hope I tested positive for heaven. Because I am a wretch & only HEAVEN CAN HELP ME & SAVE ME,.. & Has! In my personal faith. ;-)

Becaue that is where my faith is. Because of my PRIMITIVE STATE OF BEING. Is being that case, all that is most treasured, is all I have when it comes down to it.

So pass or fail.... As I guess I failed for either side... In this chess game????

One I am glad to fail if what I think I see is correct,.. & One I hope & pray only to have passed for. But I have an intercessor to speak up for me on my behalf. Because I am not good at chess.
;-) ESPECIALLY With either of those MATCHES OF THOSE KINGS playing the board!

You seem to be the only one getting this bizzare puzzle, what I have been trying to put forth.

That is why I placed it back up also... for you to get copied, incase you missed much of this stuff.

This was from server backup.
My site design/create files are gone. Kapooot. Deleted. So you will have to use these as your template, if you choose to work with them.

I'd love to see you get the message across to people, whereas I have failed.

Me?? I am now having to deal with a 3 day notice, & hard stuffs to deal with. I cannot consume any more time, or effort into this. I must focus on the important stuffs I only thought my work would be blessed because of my efforts I thought I was being guided by HIS MOST HIGHEST POWER.

But I was only mistaking myself & what must after all have been simply my own vanity, that I had any part of myself, to play in this at all. After all.

Thanks for speaking to me as much about this with an understanding & noncondenscending tone to my work.

I appreciated that much. Many not have nice things to say or even understand me anyway. At least I aint the lone Nut aftar all huh? ha ha ha ha ha

Peace... Jesus Saves!!!! Keep that in mind. If your more fOrtunate than I am,.. incase you need a reminder in troubled times in this bizzarre puzzle,... Keep that in mind.

Have a great day.

MeanGreen said...


How did you know my desktop background was the "Ghost Rider"!!!

Connection BIG TIME!!!