Saturday, September 17, 2011


Compilation views from 3 different science sources. Mars Express through ESA, Mars Odyssey & Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter through NASA. Like Chuck Sellier once said to me... 'THINK ABOUT THIS,... SCIENTISTS USUALLY REQUIRE 3 SOURCES'!

INDEED THEY DO!! Now considering that we have multiple sources in showing what appears to be PERHAPS THE MOST INTRIGUING HUMAN LIKE FACE FOUND ON MARS!! LOOK INTO THE EYES OF A STRANGER!

This Face is far more implicating than the Face at Cydonia, & that is pretty extravagant! This Face also is larger than the Face at Cydonia. This FACE IS NOT.... IN CYDONIA!! The Face at Cydonia is NOT ALONE ON MARS!!! Why do the FACES OF MARS GO IGNORED BY SO CALLED SERIOUS... MARS RESEARCHERS???

Look beyond Cydonia, STUDY ALL OF CYDONIA, but NOT limit yourselves to area of the Face only! or you will NOT learn to SEE Mars as it really is, AN ARTISTICAL WONDER & COMPLETE WORK OF ART! Mars has been sculpted on an entire planetary scale! Much of my throry on that FACT is based upon what I SEE HERE in these images as what I call ARTSCAPES! Cities, tattoo mad artist work done to the surface. I see metallic & soild carved reliefs. NOT any sand! This Face as seen by the various 3 sources as seen & shown, implicate so much intelligence, thanks espeically for Mars Express data showing another sun angle & time of day image that shows intentional design & HUMAN characteristics dominating the appearance of that Face at that time. When compared & studied fusing it with NASA imagery from Odyssey & MRO, it is extraordinary & proof positive that this Face was sculpted to be seen in it's varied day/night or different time of year appearances that would be seen if we continue to keep imaging this amazing area & MOST INTRIGUING HUMAN LIKE FACE FOUND ON MARS!!

Using the sun & orbit?... For the way features designed are seen & how they are meant to be seen at particular times. One must note that we have multiple image sources, all combining into a reality & something to be FACED ! Pun intended! How it went ignored by NASA that this gets slipped through?? Or were we meant to get it??? Implicating that finding this,.. OTHER FACES being looked for may also yet be found?? I must consider all this & it's hidden meanings & implications. It is the search for the secret Faces of Mars from UFO DIARIES, that led me to find this FACE! THIS REALITY! Keep that in mind also!

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Biological_Unit said...

It looks like MARS, a dead, bone-dry hell hole.
You believe you're going there because you're Uhmerikan. YOU ARE NOT!