Friday, November 06, 2009



Anonymous said...

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Sorry for offtopic

MarsRevealer said...

Hi anonymous. Hmmmm. Thanks.I think. ;-)

I am glad you like it. It aint what I really would like it to be, but thanks. I hope it has value for you & all else that seek the TRUTH!


Anonymous said...

I like your videos better with that type of dramatic music than the rock and roll stuff on some of your other videos. It just seems more appropriate for the subject matter.

Good job.

MarsRevealer said...

Thanks anonymous. But it depends upon your position in this. This all comes from mine. All has meaning!

I am glad you like that video?!
I may do more that way. A flavor for all.

Anonymous said...

By the way MR you were right about Hoagland. Did you see his appearance on that 2012 TV show on SyFy? If not then you'll be interested in one sentence he spewed out.

He claimed that there was an ancient civilization on Mars....he is correct in that but he went on to say that the Cydonia face is the only proof left of that civilization. What he did was insult every other Mars researcher out there and it seems like he has declared all other research as pointless and his research is the only research out there worth looking at.

I suupose it expalins why his and Bara's websites never have other reseacher's link listed on them. Self-serving BS and the sad thing is Hoagland never discovered the Cydonia face and also the Cydonia Face is small change compared to other things that have been found. Cydonia wouldn't even rank in the top 10 discoveries on Mars.