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An American scientist contacts Mars by radio and receives information that Mars is a utopia and that Earth's people can be saved if they return to the worship of God. Revolution sweeps the Earth, including the Soviet Union. But there remains doubt about the messages being genuine, as an ex-Nazi claims he was duping the Americans.

This is a vintage amazing picture! This movie for it's time & especially it's subject was way ahead of it's time! Especially of it's importance, to what we are dealing with today. Or are about to deal with.

It deals with Contact with Mars, of communication between Earth & an Intelligent Unknown Race on Mars! To which I feel is a foundation tool for isues to be dealt with in Brookings. This film was designed for. I am guessing that. Dealing with how effected we would be as a planet, by the knowledge alone, in what they shown can attribute to what is expected that they forsee if & when such an event occurs, what it's effect on our world as a whole can do.

To me this film is hard punching into the human heart & imagination upon which fear turns to HOPE! Hope that the TRUTH can & will prevail over the darkness & Evil that does not want to see the LIGHT! Especially when it comes to seeing & LEARNING THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS REALLY OUT THERE! ESPECIALLY ON MARS! Which is a cover now!

It also adds flavor touching a major tune for the spiritual sides to our world. In this case it is Jesus Christ, upon which the foundations FOR THIS... MARTIAN REVELATION is brought forth to us all. I thought it an interesting twist & was even surprised at that twist! Kudo's to the ones in '52 who did this!

Almost 60 years people!!!!

I believe this is a great family film & one which should inspire us all. I was & am very surprised at the seriousness of this film, & the bases being covered of which ACCLAMATION way back in 1952,... Was occuring & hinting at a Future Mars that becomes known,.. IF You can go through the KEY HOLE TO MARS, & establish CONTACT!

Why do I think & relate this to UFO DIARIES? The guy pointing to the picture reminds me of Hoagland! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Part 1

Part 2:


MeanGreen said...

MarsRevealer - I see the Brookings connection in this film for sure!

Thanks for the links to video.

Biological_Unit said...

Why do I think & relate this to UFO DIARIES? The guy pointing to the picture reminds me of Hoagland! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Not Funny, just Traditional Mars Revealer Crazy

No one wants anything to do with you.

Biological_Unit said...

What happened to the Amazing, World-Wide Martian Revelation ?

You would think people think you're crazy..

Biological_Unit said...

I want to know how things are doing.
Here IN THE REAL UNIVERSE, we are about to blow up 'cause of Jews like Mike Bara.
Wake The Fuck Up, and help me help you !

Biological_Unit said...

Are you still Nuts ?