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I Just would like to update this blog to focus on something that has recently come to light that suggests to a connection to information I gleaned from this code of UFO DIARIES 3: CYDONIA: THE EARTH MARS CONNECTION.

In my investigating & studying this video surface cover story, & it's code sculpture structure hidden beneath that surface cover story, it has come to my attention that Richard Hoagland was being finger pointed & being accused & allegedly found guilty for TREASON! Because this code details THE SECRET HISTORY OF NASA, in regards to the VIKING MARS MISSION! The secret history of all that which Richard Hoagland was allegedly attributed & connected to as being an OPERATIVE working under cover as a journalist & consultant.

An OPERATIVE??? YES!! AN OPERATIVE! Obviously working for some secret intelligence, or rather being his own entity of commision/charter, that he was supposed to support & reinforce the secret intelligence COVERING MARS & the Viking Mission program & especially all of it's images from Mars NOT DEEMED FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE OR KNOW!!

So we are attributed & connected that he ALLEGEDLY done an illegal act of INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION with the Soviets back then. This was THE ERA OF THE COLD WAR!! It is described he was busted & tried in a secret court where NEW ENERGY BILL (CLINTON) who was a Giovernor at that time, who was a candidate to be president, was the judge. The charges brought up againt Hoagland in this code story, was heard by the Judge. The accuser charging him with crimes against his commission, his country, & for stealing secret images of Mars that he provided the NASA Viking scientists, at least a few of them, to use them as a cover. To see these images, the scientists also wanted to see & know more about what they were NOT having access to see or know about.

So Hoagland is alleged that he used them & set them up as a cover, to allow him room & a plan to work a deal with the Soviets which that connection went ongoing for some time before it suddenly stopped & the jig was up.

But Hoagland was not yet busted. Just the operations being conducted were. It was later Hoagland was suggested he was busted. As apart fo his charter he had access to these secret images to begin with, it seems he stolen them, or by his powers of his commission, he had stolen, or had legal access to hold these images in his possession. He provided the Soviets with an Image we were all not supposed to see. That The soviets seemed to have shown & passed around. That image is of the HEAD image of the face at Cydonia!ALLEGEDLY attributed.

However, more than one Face exists on Mars than the mere Face at Cydonia! As seen & shown unto us all in this video. Now, the court hearing it described seems to have went not very well for the accusers of Hoagland. In fact, the accuser is stated as saying the case was not valid, but a case of being like Nepotism. So a punsihment was given unto Hoagland though it says he was to serve. That punishment was to play a part in this video, this circle, this cover story & also to the code. He was fitted & scripted to play a part & to show & provide these Other images he has in his possession to be used on the set.

He was set up to play a part that he himself would be seen & connected by using the words he says to be shoved right back into his mouth, that actually acts as an admittance to this story being told in the code. One which details his secret past, & to DIS-COVER his COVER, UNDER-COVER! To show & let all see & know that he is NOT what he appears to be, but is an Operative working to this day even, as an Operative with an agenda to NOT Tell us the whole truth of this AMAZING IMAGE that is described of him inside this code, & SEEN ON THE MARTIAN SURFACE, of this video.

In fact because of these findings, him & I had a falling out. Because he NOT wanted me to see, or to REVEAL what this had to really show, about HIM, as well as about his & the NASA SECRET HISTORY & his COVERING of the truth it seems he knows much more about to the things this code tells us all about him. As well as telling us of his connection to the soviets! Which he NOT WISHED TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED in connection with.

Now why is this important? Simple! Because recently his new book DARK MISSION: THE SECRET HISTORY OF NASA, was published & taking off in some circles of media. He had a press club conference not long ago in Washington D.C. Where the press were there to interview him & to help spread the message of what news he was supposedly bringing forth.

Now amongst the press there, it was NOT THE AMERICAN MEDIA that was all frenzied over this book & this person, or of it's message. But it was THE RUSSIAN MEDIA blitz that was there & took place.


I am NOT The only one neither who is noticing. The connections made to the things I been saying for some time now, before his book came out. To me it seems he had his COMRADES come over here & COVER this story, which is making it's rounds in RUSSIA! It seems there is more to this code story than readily anyone wanted to see or believe. Richard Hoagland is not very happy at all regarding my continued investigation & work at trying to see this more clearly & try to help you all see this as well.

In fact he set me up, in order to TRY to prevent me from being able to succeed at DROPPING THIS, TELLING ME GETTING ME OFF THIS TRAIN, TELLING ME TO DO SOMETHING ELSE!!! He has consistently LIED to my questions as I was keeping him closely informed for some time regarding what I was seeing & learning. He acted as an operative would, on me to try to make me stop. BUT NOT JUST MYSELF, BUT MY FAMILY!!!

There is MUCH I CAN SAY & SHOW.. in regard to this TRUTH. But I will say that OTHERS NOW.. are starting to openly state, that they are taking & have taken notice of this CONNECTION!! OR PREDICTION. Depending upon how you take this.

But let me post a few of these comments by others made recently regarding this CONNECTION OF COINCIDENCE?? OR EVIDENCE??


Check this screen capture from THE ENTERPRISE MISSION: It was at the top of the web page and the bottom.What's up with this Soviet connection.

RCH, what's up with this Soviet connection.Who is doing the PUSHING?!?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 1:56:00 AM

And then IonTruo2 Said:

Interesting stuff, seeing all this 'Russian' press etc. around Richard Hoagland and the book.Anyone see a connection here back to some of the little elements that Mars Revealer was tuning into through his video 'decoding'?It hailed back to aspects of Richard's connection to the Soviets about the Apollo images,... and showcased that many of the scientists at the highest levels collaborate, regardless of apparent national orientations.Low and behold, a short while after Mars Revealer's efforts to communicate the info he was trying to comprehend,... and voila' Richard(The Dark Mission) is all the news in Russia.

Friday, November 30, 2007 9:28:00 AM

And then Scarletm said:

Ion,Interesting observation re: Mars Revealer's connection between RCH and Russia. I thought that, too, when I saw all the 'hype' Russia was giving to RCH.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 3:03:00 PM

I will update this as & if any more add comments regarding this CONNECTION in what they see & heard someplace before. That Hoagland wanted all to think & see as NONSENSE! ALL LIES!

We shall see shant we?!


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MeanGreen said...

MarsRevealer - I have a little more to add to this dis-covering - taken from:


"Hoagland also claims to have co-produced with WTIC (AM) a Peabody Award-nominated radio program, "A Night of Encounter", covering the July 14, 1965, Mariner 4 flyby of the planet Mars. However, the official Peabody Awards entry form (51-65R) lists only Charles Renaud as the producer of the program. WTIC announcer Dick Bertel hosted the program and interviewed Hoagland, and the program also featured a conversation between Hoagland and astronomer Dr. Robert S. Richardson, Associate Director of the Griffith Observatory."

In 1965 RCH was around 20 years old and seems to have been a player in this(The Mars Covering) from the beginning of the Mars space research program!

Another interesting point is Dr. Robert S. Richardson was one of the technical advisors for the 1953 production of "War of the Worlds".

RCH was a young man back then and could have been recruited a few years earlier as an operative, then years later asked/told to find out what the soviets may have found with their probes to Mars and then turned it in to some kinda of exchange of info. With his cover as a journalist/reporter, this gave him the perfect opportunity. This is where the Soviet connection may have started - remember RCH claims that Vladimir Avinsky came to the same conclusion about the Face and city area around the same time frame - WFT!!!

I still have not figured out how Walter Hain is connected to all this, he claims that Vladimir Avinsky "ripped' him off. In 1979 Walter Hain published a book titled "We, from Mars".

I came across this earlier - Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers:

I now know where RCH came up with the title for his new book.