Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another amazing CODE FILLED STRUCTURE of this AMAZING UFO DIARIES Video documentary.
Telling of the secret NASA history as well as seeing between the lines a story unfold. Trying to let you tell all you INTELLIGENT BEINGS, to see if you can read between the lines in seeing what it is trying to be told to us all.
This code continues & is apart of the BIZZARRE PUZZLE That the UFO DIARIES 3: CYDONIA THE MARS EARTH CONNECTION has to offer.

I believe we are being told DISCLOSURE as well as something very profocund about what the code story alludes to someone DIS-CPVERED in the 1st CYDONIA code, of THE FACE OF MARS BROTHERS: OMENS FROM THE PAST.

I am not through unfolding that study & story. But this continues on, when I am finished, here is yet another episode of the SECRET SPACE PROGRAMof those to EXPERIENCE UFO'S!
Letting you see & be aware of the hidden communication this code has to offer under the surface story of the cover to the code structure.

This has amazing connections to the UFO DIARIES: CYDONIA episode as well. Can you see what they are?
The pieces to the BIZZARRE PUZZLE is being placed upon the table. Can you see or solve it?

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