Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Now... Call me crazy??? Call me insane?? Hallucinating??? Yet I found confirmation... which I was adept at wanting to ignore actually for a few months... But it seems the video itself.. yeilds more bizzarre mysteries. That by coincidence... become shown as how illusionistic it shows in modern image data. From Odyssey no less, to confirm a hint... left in the past to be opened.. today? ;-)

A LITTLE NUDGE shall I call it that now I move finally on it? The MEAN Mad Martians... had to smack me upside the head! ha ha ha ha ha.I just wish it would adjust my eyes for something else I been looking for,.. possibly another little NUDGE. PERHAPS THE MOST INTRUIGING BEING..... ? ;-)

That now would be very... Intruiging! ;-)
Ha ha ha ha ha!

But.... I guess I just did... din't I? :-) ha ha ha
My bad!

Yeah Yeah... But But.... WHO CARES???? They gave their OFFICAL POLICY all them years ago!!

The MERE COINCIDENCE! The MERE illusion! Yet we now have FACES OF MARS as I have presented... albeit in TWILIGHT ZONE WAYS of getting this information... to the public.. DO EXIST!!!!

Think about this & that! ;-)

Here is the 4th FACE BRUDDA...seen & shown in UFO DIARIES 3: CYDONIA! As well as Imaged & confirmed... by ODYSSEY!

Mean Green also spells it out, with an added twist even!

Scroll down the page toward the bottom to see this NONSENSE!
Lock Me up!!!

Looky here. UPDATE!!

Now.. Information given to us through the TWILIGHT ZONE EXPERIENCE, In seeing, studying this code of The Face Of Mars Brothers,... It seems accurate enough to say that this was a hint. This was given as a clue by the creators for us to see & study, to let this INVESTIGATION lead us to one of the key evidences that is telling us we are indeed being tried to be GIVEN INFORMATION!!!

Now years later after this code & video was made, the Image as the HINT & CLUE, at that time, had NO OTHER IMAGE MISSION DATA to go by! Viking was the source image hints used in the video. Youz with me? Only years later, the image hint given unto us, has been achieved of being photographed & made available, so that when this INVESTIGATION is under way, in the future, we can follow the lead, & find them!

Therefore... By seeing this as part of evidence to consider that indeed the OTHER FACES OF MARS Images are also real, must be taken into further consideration. Because ESA also as Odyssey I have shown, but ESA's Image showing this from a different lighting angle... & showing details which look all to familiarof it's Bruddas we have seen.

Kinda the same, but an opposite designing? There is no mistake about the base of this HEAD structure Pyramid! No mistake seeing how consistent it is at least in comparison to the designing of the other Faces in it's structural understanding all seem to have kinship with. This aint kermit the frakkin Frog, or a cloud,.. Nor an illusion!

We are coming into the time now, as we start DIS-COVERING various images, & SECRET HISTORY... OF NASA.. regarding them! So in this concept I been trying to let youz all in on, a code, to be discovered in the future, which is now, is showing itself also consitent to that possibility I am correct in my assessments! However, this image clarifies guarenteed, that we were being guided to this spot. Through process of INVESTIGATION, we were led to this amazing piece of work! Thanks to the Video!




Anonymous said...

That does not look anything like a face.

MarsRevealer said...

Well. To me it clearly shows alot of consitincies being applied to the Face at Cydonia that I see here. ;-)

It shares similar designing as shape designing for the Face at Cy as one big factor!


Biological_Unit said...

Polygonal Shapes are predictions of the Electric Universe model.

MeanGreen said...

MarsRevealer - I think that 4th FOM is AWESOME and that area has many structures nearby - kinda like the Cydonia area.

Anonymous said...

I think of all these "faces" you are seeing, some are the same image but from different angles. You seen them in a video, that means they were already discovered. It isn't rocket science.