Monday, June 18, 2007




Sword said...

You talk about me to much.

contact me at
or check out:

MarsRevealer said...

Hi Sword. Thanks for replying. I sent ya an e-mail as you requested. I hope you understand my rationale. I breifly explained why. I left much out.

I like to apaolagize again to ya for speakin to MUCH about ya. As I NOT even know ya.

I hope you aint pissed at me, but I think you may see some of my issues as warrented why I would? I hope. ;-)

Thanks for visiting my crappy blog. I admit it aint much of one. But it is something. At least.

I will pass the word that YOU are back. Thanks again & I hope your cool with me. I just needed & still do need some input if that is ok. I know your busy & I appreciate you replying to my lowly blog. There is much I would like to say &/or ask & speak about. Without ya gettin mad of course. ;-)

I am just confused & have little info & little answers if any at all to any of this shit. As I said to others & even in your email I sent to ya, I wish to reiterate to all & you openly here & now that I NOT wished or was my intent to piss on your feet or claim to know anything you say is in any way connected to my ummm.. EXPERIENCES.

But I do feel some amount of at least consistency & reasoning for my part to try to get your attention to hopefully have your wisdom & maybe help or input to guide me to one,.. HELP ME KNOW I AINT insane as SOME wish me to look & reason me as. That there is NOTHING to my issues of what I am or was trying to bring forth was NOT simply from my own mind or me just trying to seek attention of peers or whatnot.

Thanks again, & I hope again, that you understand & feel for my situation to at least reply in a positive way. At least. ;-)

Thanks again & glad to know your still around. Nice to meet you. Kinda meet you. You know what I mean. ;-)

I hope we are cool. I just not wanna be the fool as ONE especially wants me to be & look. Guess who that may be??? :-/

Rock On.