Saturday, December 02, 2006


UFO DIARIES 3: The Earth Mars Connection.
Documentary of the then latest research of Mars & the Face & structures of Mars in Cydonia, & past historical outlook on Mars mission history. The documentary is actually a cover story to an underlying code story built within as a structure, that lives within the sphere of the cover story. A true work of genius! Code story tells us all of a secret intelligence agency behind the real mars missions & research, & also showing us all 3 NEW Faces of Mars that was also found by Viking Orbiters that the public has never seen before! They are similar in likeness & design, yet all different Faces than the one 'They decided to let us have' & know about in Cydonia. The code story is what is the main issue of this series, even more so in this part 3 of the Mars Earth Connection of UFO DIARIES! The Face Of Mars Brothers, is is a web layout story detailing this structured code story within the sphere of the cover story, which is the video itself. You be the judge, & be patient. One thing for sure is that you will be definitely entertained, & will look twice back at this video after reading & studying the 21 part Face of Mars Brothers!

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MeanGreen said...

One thing you have to ask yourself, why has Mr. Hoagland not come clean about the video with the Faces of Mars. Clips of him used in the video would had to have had his OK. And we know he would have watched it after it was finiished. He had to have seen the "Wall of Omens" but he has never disclosed this, would not more evidence of ruins help his research. Is it possible he supplied the never before seen Faces of Mars to hint at something he can not talk about or is someone calling him out and his research.

This Vladmir Avinsky is an interesting player in Mr. Hoagland's book, and the story of his finding the Cydonia discoveries from photo copies - FLAKEY!!! Something is up with Hoagland and his connection to the Soviet Union, being part of the media this allowed perfect cover for exchange of classified info. From his book it appears he was tight with DiPietro and Molenaar. It would be interesting to find out how often Mr. Hoagland visited the Soviet Union or he ever had met with Vladmir Avinsky prior to 1983. Too many connections would lead some to believe Mr. Hoagland could be caught in the middle but he may also have a personal agenda.

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